Flexi and curve LED screen display boards

One of the most significant products in the market of LED displays is the Flexi LED screens. They are high resolution and bendable LED screens that enable you to turn as well as twist your screens into curved forms. You can also integrate them into the overall design. Their installation is easier and they are lighter in weight. In addition, they are flexibly designed small units that can achieve curved shapes like concave, convex and other complex shapes. These screens are assembled directly and shifted at a specific venue. Hence, it saves your precious time as well as effort. Their magnetic connection allows easy replacement, reassembling, and disassembling at any specified venue.

Bendable features:
The flexi LED screens incorporate bendable features which allow your screen to wrap up in several different designs and shapes. This magnificent feature allows your LED display to catch the attention of the greater audience.

Low pixel pitch:
As far as pixel pitch of Flexi LED screens is concerned, it ranges from 10 millimeters to around 4 millimeters. Despite the irregular shape of is LED screens, they still offer greater RES and branding advertisement.

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