LED curtain screen display

One of the Revolutionary products offered by Zoom Visual is the LED Curtain. It provides a wonderful manner for showcasing your services and products and entertaining your customers. It is the preferred choice for temporary outdoor as well as indoor installations. Its weight is significantly lower as compared to the ordinary LED screens, and it is pretty easy to install it. You can just unfold, connect, and hand the cables, and initiate the use of outdoor LED display. After the disassembling of the LED curtain, you can easily transport, fold, and store it anywhere you want. LED curtains are heavily appropriate for exhibitions, concerts, travelling events, and Road shows. Their great feature is that they are customizable and can be modified as per the needs.

Lightweight and see-through:
This outstanding feature of the LED curtain makes it appropriate for different outdoor usages like an outdoor concert and building facades.

Less power consumption:
LED curtains are advantageous because they consume low power as compared to other display screens. This makes them energy saving display options available in the market.

Greater Ingress Protection:
Our products have achieved the IP68 rating. This determines that they can function in any condition. They have a waterproof feature which makes them perfect for outdoor display even in severe sunshine or in rain.

Self ventilation:
After the installation of these LED curtains, they can accommodate your renovations and decorations. Because of their design, they incorporate self ventilated feature. These are space saving because of slim design, and there is no need of cooling fan for them.

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