LED Digital Signage

The LED Digital Signage is a fundamental aspect of the attraction of your clients regarding offering related information. The great equality LED Digital Signage is usually quite right and seems more attractive than the ordinary Signage. LED Digital Signage includes the use of advanced innovation such as a high grade light emitting diode which enables the highest brightness and greater weather protection. It enables you to manage and play your content instantaneously as well as remotely. The outstanding features of LED Digital Signage ensure that you surpass your competitors.

Portrait and landscape:
That LED Digital Signage tends to adapt portrait as well as landscape views. This makes it appropriate for any style, content and design. You can make the essential adjustments for achieving the required layout.

The Cloud Content Management Framework:
With this particular framework LED Digital Signage enables the management and uploading of your content anywhere and anytime. Search Digital Signage is specifically designed for content streaming and consistent usage. Such features are considered useful for the businesses.

LED Video Wall:
It is also called LTD Video Wall and it consists of multiple units of LED video wall panels. In addition, they include LED backlit which allows you to establish your desired size of the video wall. It is suitable for public buildings, shopping malls and commercial premises. Its greatest feature is its limitless versatility.

Thin bezel:
Bezels are considered the frame of the LED Video Wall panels. The most advanced bezel is super thin which is vital for its attraction. It is as slim as around 2.6mm which enables it to achieve seamless integration of different setups.

Touch screen:
An option of the touch screen is one of our finest offerings along with non-touch Digital Signage. This touch screen signage enables you to interact with the content. This feature offers great advantages for food menus and the mall directories.

Interactive display:
Another wonderful feature of LED Video Wall Display is the visual experience of learning. The interactive display also enables you to interact with the content. This is quite beneficial in performing the presentations regarding collaborative and educational approach. It is equally advantageous in preparing presentations pop.

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