Content Management System

Content Management System is on demand-how you want it and where you want it.
The use of tablets and mobile phones in the modern days has prompted the advancement of the touch screens and has made it a key tool in the interactive functions. Numerous people have adopted the use of touch screens, which has made it an indispensable device for the consumers to play with and work. The enhancing popularity of the touch screens has made the Digital Signage a fundamental tool for advertising and marketing. Its practical implication can be seen in video walls, shopping mall directories, Outdoor Media Signage, and menu directories.

CCMBP or I3Display cloud content management and the broadcast platform is a tool which assists in accessing these potentials. This application offers a user-friendly interface and helps in creating content. Therefore, the outcome can be uploaded and presented quite easily to your clients. It can work on any platform and can be utilized for the development of your own LED displays, storyboards, and Video Walls. It contains not just the pictures and videos, but also the music that is appealing to your audience.

This software is simple in usage and you just need to follow a few steps:
Establish – Try creating your preferred storyboard and visualize your story set.
Lay Out – lay-outing has become quite easier because of the different presets that you can edit and choose based upon your requirement.
Media – the media allows you uploading and adding several videos and images to your story bored easily.
Schedule – this software allows you commanding where and when you need broadcasting your content.
Publish – you can also publish content anywhere and anytime on demand. You can now access cloud content anywhere and can integrate to the publishing.
Monitor – by just pressing a finger, you can function real-time monitoring.
Interact – the Digital Signage integration is a key feature which allows you to interact with the users.
Analytics – In modern time, numbers and figures on the target market, and the new clients can be tapped and reached with real figures.

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