Transparent LED screen display board

Transparent LED screen display boards add a wonderful display of visual effects on the different glass surfaces. It is crucial for attracting your audience. This transparent LED display is highly appropriate specifically for the restaurants and retail stores. Its brightness is greater but the weight is lower. It is considered a preferred choice for promotion, entertainment and advertising purposes.

Quality of color:
Our transparent LED displays offer supreme color quality. It can offer up to16-bit color, and brightness around 6500nit. This is reasonably higher than the traditional LED displays. It can even achieve a greatly visible image under severe sunlight. The most advanced technologies in this LED screen also enable the light to spread all around the screen.

Greater transparency:
Transparent LED display screens offer greater transparency rate of around 80% even with the pixel picture of 3.9mm. This makes it appropriate for retail displays.

Customizable shape:
We are capable of customizing the transparent LED displays in a shape that is appropriate for your preferred decoration and usage. Specifically, it would not impact the quality of image for the ones who require extraordinary designs for their retail stores, exhibition halls, and mall atriums.

Indoor transparent LED:
The indoor transparent LED offers up to 90% transparency and thickness up to 20mm. This prevents any impact on the natural daylight. You can customize these transparent LED displays to the size that is appropriate for your building and window.

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